Who are we


We are a well established UK based CAD Services. As part of our CAD Services we place CAD Contractors at our clients.

As a CAD Contractor your could either be offered a placement within our in-house team or at one of our clients. Our clients often require personal on-site due to the nature of some contracts. We also provide complete CAD Teams for larger projects.

A typical Recruitment Agents often does not have a positive image by employers and will therefore be a a last resort. We differ from this greatly, as we are not a typical recruitment company. We are a CAD Services with a vast client base who  require CAD Draftsman for our in-house team or at our costumer premises.

This give you a great advantage when registering your CV with Jensen Consulting.

Your are never alone


When you are placed by Jensen Consulting as a CAD Contractor your are never alone. Your have full access to our in-house experience, expertise and libraries. Weather you have project or software queries a dedicated CAD Manager will always be there to help – for free.

We are not a recruitment agent – we are a CAD Services

No CAD Recruitment company can offer this kind of service. When you work for Jensen Consulting as a CAD Contractor you are part of the whole Jensen Consulting CAD Team with full access to Technical Support, CAD Libraries and our extensive experience and expertise.


Our approach


Our practical experience in computer aided design gives as an enormous advantage. We assess our clients requirement prior to making any commitments and proposals. If possible we will  always visit the potential work place to assess and understand our clients requirements as well as obtaining a feel for  the work environment.

We will only place a contractor where we feel he will thrive and by as satisfied as possible. We do not just take any job on – only the ones we believe we can succeed in.






Mechanical & Electrical

Mechanical Design

Product Design







CAD Applications


2D CAD Drafting

3D CAD Modelling

Rendering & Animation

Single Contractors

We are able to provide a single contractor to suit your needs at your premises. The Draughtsman can either be managed by us or by your.

Team of Contractors


We can supply complete CAD Teams directly into a project team on site. Either managed by us or by you.

CAD Managers

We are able to provide CAD Managers to manage existing CAD Teams. Further, we can assist with the CAD Management including drawing checking from our premises.

We are sure we can assist you

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