CAD Drafting Services

As a CAD Drawing Office, our drafting team produce 2D CAD Drawings as well as 3D CAD Models for a range of application.

2D CAD Drawing Service

We produce fully compliant 2D CAD Drawings for manufacture, fabrication, M&E installation….and more

Reverse Engineering - From Part to CAD

We create new 3D CAD models and 2D Drawings from existing parts and components.

2D CAD Drawing
3D CAD Model
3D CAD Render
CAD Conversion

2D CAD Drawings

2D CAD Drawings (such as Shop Drawings, Manufacturing Drawings etc) are still used by the majority of Fabricators & Manufacturers, even though most 2D CAD drawings are created from 3D CAD Models.

3D CAD Models

Most of our Designs start in 3D CAD, even though the drawings such as Manufacturing Drawings are 2D (so you can print them on paper). We only use 2D CAD (Autodesk AutoCad) for simple Mechanical & Electrical Drawings (MEP) as well as Schematics

CAD Rendering & Animation

Our Rendering & Animation Service enables our customers to use photo realistic renders of their products in their marketing documents. Animations help to explain features and processes.

CAD Conversion – 2D to 3D – Paper to CAD

CAD Conversion is a term used for converting existing Drawings  information into CAD (Computer Aided Design).

We are a UK based CAD Drawing office.

Our CAD Drafting Service uses 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software Packages such as Solidworks & AutoCad.


Our CAD Office is based on 5 main catcategories

What we do

As a UK based CAD Drafting Service we produce a range of Drawings for different applications.

The company offers  5 Main CAD Service which are all based on Computer Aided Design

2D CAD Drafting

3D CAD Modelling

Reverse Engineering

CAD Conversion

Rendering & Animation


Company Timeline

The company was founded in 2007 by Dipl. -Ing. Tristan Jensen. After establishing itself as a CAD Drafting Services in the Rail Industry the company branched out to other industries in 2011.

Jensen Consulting now provide their CAD Drafting Services to over 100 customers UK wide.

The CAD Team

The Jensen Consulting Team is run by Tristan Jensen and consists of trained CAD Draftsmen & Design Engineers. Our CAD Drafting Service consists of Engineers & Technicians with University Degrees as well as apprenticeships.

We work very closely with our customers and their suppliers to minimise any mis- communications.

We are happy to visit your site and coordinate with suppliers and manufacturers. This enables us to update your project and to keep a close contact for manufacturing and production requirements. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to produce the correct information to enable our customers to take their project to the next level. Often there seems to be a gap between the design which has been produced and the information (such as drawings) required to provide the correct information for manufacturers and fabricators. 

Do you have any CAD Outsourcing requirements?

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Our CAD News

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