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One of the most amazing technological advances in the past few decades has been the advent of 3D printing. In 1983, the first item that was ever printed by a 3D Printers was a not very impressive mouthwash cup. However, today it seems that anything can be printed in 3D using computer aided design. It’s definitely changing our world for the better. Today we take a look at some of the amazing things that have been 3D printed recently.

Bionic limbs

Before 3D printing, bionic limbs could only be constructed slowly by hand, making them prohibitively expensive and out of the budget of most people. 3D printing has made it easier than ever before to print the correct parts for these limbs and can be assembled much quicker for a lower cost. 3D limbs are much stronger than their previous incarnations, and several people have had limbs replaced successfully.


Perhaps a more fun use for 3D printing, a company in America is now printing parts for customisable guitars. Customers can simply let the company know what colours, hardware and materials are needed and they’ll build your dream instrument. The body of the guitar is printed using thin layers of nylon powder, built up on top of each other, then other, smaller parts like the bridge, pickup and strings are added by hand.


Drones were once thought of as machines of the future, and the cost put off your average user. Now drones are everywhere and can be bought cheaply online and can be flown about your back garden, in accordance with drone laws, of course. 3D printing is taking drones to the next level, with various companies offering you the opportunity to customise your drone and add on parts like better cameras and rotor blades. These can be assembled then sent out, or assembled at home.

Self-driving cars

A company in Dubai has recently started building the parts for self-driving cars. While self-driving cars aren’t on the road yet due to safety issues and legal issues, with the rate technology is advancing at, we’re sure they will be in the near future. The chassis and other aesthetic parts like doors are all 3D printed, but the engine is still made in the normal fashion. Dubai hopes to have 25% of vehicles self-driving in the next twenty years. They’re definitely on the right track to do so.

Human tissue

Although it may seem impossible. 3D Printers or printing can now be used to print simulated human tissue, not just metal parts such as those used in bionic limbs. The synthetic tissue is made out of plastic, making it safe for use in the human body, and is set in a gel-like structure to make it feel as natural and comfortable as possible. The tissue is biodegradable, water-based and synthetic. Although with further advances scientists are sure we will be printing real human tissue very soon. This method has been used to produce bone, ear and muscle structures, and successful transplants have already been carried out.

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