Our Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

This is usually the first question. Jensen Consulting offer fixed price quotations (if possible) as we do not believe hourly rates are a competitive comparison. Hourly rates give no idea of how much a job will cost. 

We therefore ask our costumers to provide as much information as possible. This can include hand drawings sketches, images etc. 

How fast can you do the drawing?

This is obviously dependant on the job. As we have a design team we are able to put multiple Draughtsman onto a project to work in parallel (if this is efficient). 

We are usually able to start new jobs within a week. 

On an ongoing basis, we agree in the set out agreement the maximum time to start new jobs. This can vary from days to weeks. 


What information do you need?

We can work from all kind of information, depending on the job and required type of drawing. Initially images or sketches are fine. 

Will you sign a non disclosure agreemant (NDA)?

We are always happy to sign a NDA. We sign NDA’s for about half our projects. 

You can download a our standard NDA from our Download area (\our company\downloads)

Whats the difference between Draughting Service & Drafting Service

A Draughtsman who is a  person who makes detailed technical plans or drawings is the same as a Draftsman. The term draughting is usually used in UK English where drafting is more likely to be used in US English.


Will you visit site?

We prefer to visit site if possible. As we believe this give a better understanding of the job. 

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