Do your need As-Installed, As-Built, As-Fitted or Record drawings

Our CAD Technicians will amend your mark-ups to suit your installation

What are Record Drawings?

Record Drawings also known as As Fitted, As Installed or As Built drawings are a set of drawings usually refered to in the construction industry (mainly for MEP Services).

These CAD Drawings are developed from the construction drawings based on the mark-ups supplied. These documents need to clearly state the services as they have been installed and not what was planned to be installed.

They also need to include any maintenance relevant information such as access hatches. The notes also need to state record drawing relevant information on not install or design information.

The As Installed drawings need to convey the services in a clear and concise way to enable maintenance and any future contractors carrying out any work.

How do we produce As Installed drawings?

At Jensen Consulting we produce full sets of As built drawings from your mark-ups. In most cases we would receive hand mark-ups. We would then carry out the following works

  • Revise the drawing to relevant revision status
  • Change notes to be relevant to an existing installation (changing sentence tense, removing installation and design notes)
  • Change services as to mark-ups recieved
  • Check against any relevant CAD Standards and make drawings compliant if required

We produce as installed drawings for

  • Electrical Layouts (Small Power, Containment etc.)
  • Mechanical Layouts (Heating & Cooling, Domestic water etc.)
  • Plumbing Layouts (Public Health, below and above ground drainage)
  • Plant Rooms
  • Process Pipe work

What is the cost of our As-installed drawing services?

Jensen Consulting are able to provide our clients with a fixed cost and timeframe for
most our projects. We usually provide our quotations based on the structural
engineers drawings.

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