BIM Services Company

Our BIM Coordinators produce Building Information Models (BIM) for the construction industry, MEP Services, steel structures and plant companies.

What is BIM (Building Information Modelling)

A Building Information Model is an intelligent 3D CAD model. The intelligent model (compared to a dumb model) will have additional information within the CAD model besides its geometric shape. For example a steel beam model will include its actual section size, weight etc. or a wall will include attributes such as the actual brick size, thermal values and cost per meter. The is a vast array of set and custom attributes which can be added to the 3D CAD model. A further purpose of a BIM model is that it can be shared across the different disciplines. For example the architects can create their model which is then imported by the MEP contractor to model all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. The Building Information Model allows full coordination across all disciplines.

What is BIM CAD Service does Jensen Consulting offer?

At Jensen Consulting we use Revit and Advance Steel for our BIM modelling. Our BIM coordinators work closely with architects, mechanical & electrical engineers and fabricators to ensure a successful project.

We produce BIM Models of:

  • Commercial & Residential Properties (architectural models)
  • MEP Services (Mechanical, electrical and plumbing)
  • Steel Structures
  • Plants (Water & wastewater treatment, food and beverage, pharma and Oil, gas and petrochemical)

What is the cost of our BIM CAD service?


Jensen Consulting are able to provide our clients with a fixed cost and timeframe for
most our projects. 

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