CAD Recruitment

We are a CAD Services –> who offer CAD Recruitment



Who are we?

Jensen Consulting is a UK based CAD Services company. As part of our CAD Services we offer CAD Recruitment. This is a completely different approach to other Recruitment Agencies in our industry. As many of the contractors we have on different sites, have worked for us directly as Draughtman/CAD technicians.

CAD Recruitment is only one part of our CAD Services. We offer a range of 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design Services. The majority of our work is done in house. However, there are situations where our customers require either a single contractor or a whole team on site.

Our expertise knowledge of running a CAD Service in combination with our vast industry contacts enables us to assist in most CAD Recruitment requirements.

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What do we offer

We offer temporary CAD Contractors. We only provide contractors we would use within our CAD Team. Therefore many of the Draughtsman we offer have either been part of our in-house drafting team or have been tested (practical in-house assessment) by us.

We do not email you countless and pointless CVs of people we have supposedly met. If you require someone or a whole team –> just contact us.

CAD Contractorts

What do we offer

Within our in-house team we employ Draughtman to work as Draughtsman and not Recruitment Agents. This means that we have a sound understanding of individual skill levels and what makes an individual to exceed within a working place. The correct and best placement is something we strive too.

As a leading UK CAD Services,  employers like hiring from us because we are not a traditional recruitment agent.