Fabrication Drawings for a Aluminium rolling frame

Why did our customer require a fabrication drawing company?

Our customer, a broadcasting company based in Stains (London), required 3d modelling and detailed drawings to manufacture a frame to hold a robot camera while it was being assembled or worked on.





How did our Design and Fabrication Drawing Team assist our costumer?

The customer provided us with the problem that they wanted to be able to assemble a robot camera with easy access to all areas.

Based on the dimensions and design of the robot. We created a design in 3d software. The client was then presented with a General Assembly Drawing (including a Bill of Materials to assist costing) for approval.

After approval, our CAD Draughtsmen produce fully detailed drawings according to BS8888.

The customer is then presented with a full pack of Fabrication Drawings which include:

  • General Assembly Drawing including Bill of Material and Cut list
  • Full Dimensioned Part Drawings including Weld Details
  • Flat Pattern Drawings in DXF format for the laser cutter.



Full Set of Fabrication Drawings

3D Modelling using Solidworks


3D Modelling


2D Fabrication Drawings

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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