Portal Frame Fabrication Drawings for a Recycling Centre

Why did our customer require a fabrication drawing company?

Our customer, based in Essex, required 3D modeling and detailed drawings to manufacture a Portal Frame for a recycling centre.

The Portal Frame was approx. 400 tonnes including around 460 Hot Rolled Steels and 1320 Cold Rolled Steels.

Portal Frame Elevation Drawing
Haunch Connection Detail with cold rolled
Truss & Bracing Connection Detail

How did our Fabrication Drawing Team assist our costumer?

The customer provided us with architectural drawings and a report by the structural engineer with connection details and loads.

Based on this we produced a 3D CAD Model of the frame using Steel Detailing Software.


The client is then presented with set of First Issue Drawings (including a Bill of Materials to assist costing) for approval.

The Firs Issue includes all Plan Views and Elevations with all relevant dimensions.

After approval, our CAD Draughtsmen produce fully detailed drawings according to BS8888 of the Main Parts and Standalone Parts.

A Main Part Drawing for example shows a column with all the plates welded (base plate, end plate etc.) welded to it. The drawing shows information of where and how the part is welded.

A Standalone Part Drawing for example details the plate on its on with all cut & hole dimensions.


Portal Frame Elevation Drawing without cold rolled
Haunch & Truss Connection Detail

Full Set of Portal Frame Drawings

The full set of drawings including schedules for this 400 Ton frame was approx. 700 pages.

3D Modelling

The 3D CAD Modelling enables  clash checking, tool access and exporting the files in NC File format.


3D Modelling


2D Fabrication Drawings

Week Turnaround

Amazing Result

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